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These lovable cat-themed sweets were made by Caroline, a Japanese housewife. She creates them annually on Cat’s Day — February 22. The cat-shaped sweets are nerikiri: a traditional Japanese sweet made by mixing sweet white bean paste and glutinous rice. Caroline tints and sculpts them into various shapes and styles; then puts them on pancakes and doughnuts as edible decorations. They’re just too cute to eat!

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you know when you try to keep yourself from sounding disappointed and then your voice does the wobbly thing and fuCK

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you make my black heart sweat

Tokyo Ghoul wallpapers (1366x768 resolution)
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Synopsis: Katanagatari is the story of Yasuri Shichika, a swordsman who fights without a sword, and Togame, an ambitious strategist who seeks to collect twelve legendary swords for the shogunate. The son of an exiled war hero, Shichika is the seventh head of the Kyotouryuu (bladeless) school of fighting, and lives on an isolated island with his elder sister, Nanami. At the request of Togame, Shichika sets out on a journey across Edo-era Japan to locate the Deviant Blades, all wielded by formidable opponents. But, in order to prove his loyalty to Togame, who has been betrayed before, and relies on neither money neither money nor honor, Shichika must fall in love.  (wikipedia)

ENTIRE SERIES: Episode 1 · Episode 2 · Episode 3 · Episode 4 · Episode 5 · Episode 6 · Episode 7 · Episode 8 · Episode 9 · Episode 10 · Episode 11 · Episode 12 | OR THIS

If you don’t want to click on each video individually to wait for each download, I suggest clicking onto the last link for the entire folder.

To watch mkv files, you must download either kmplayer or smplayer. Everything is 720p in quality. Subtitle credit goes to Elysium Subs.




Japan’s Nabana no Sato Botanical Garden used over 7,000,000 LED lights to create this amazing tribute to nature featuring displays of rainbows, auroras, and Mt. Fuji.


I love lights *^*

  • me in class: wait what happened
  • me in class: what do we do
  • me in class: what do we write
  • me in class: when's the test
  • me in class: what is this
  • me in class: how do you do this
  • me in class: what

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